Over 700+ unique scenarios administered by experienced law enforcement professionals.

The System

SIMTAC Services uses the MILO Range Advanced HD simulator which offers the very best judgmental use-of-force training, along with full weapons simulator training capability. With over 700+ Scenarios, officers or students can train for the most difficult real-world situations such as ambushes, active shooters, home invasions, and other violent crimes while maintaining situational awareness during extreme stress. Using our simulator will help train officers or students to enhance their verbal skills and judgmental use of force, including less-than-lethal force options such as taser or pepper spray.   The system operator observes the trainee or students verbal skills and/or body movements and can cause the force to escalate or deescalate depending on their actions.  We even have a feature that records the students during the training session so that it can be reviewed directly after the training session.  The MILO Range Advanced system uses laser technology so that the shot placement is accurately recoded and logged into the training session, all while providing real weapons firearms training.  Up to 8 individuals can train at one time, working together to resolve any given scenario or training exercise.

Uniquely Realistic

Our simulator is the higher standard of judgmental use-of-force and firearms training. SIMTAC Services uses a simulator that is compact and can accommodate small spaces. This system is an uniquely realistic HD firearm simulator, which translates into real-world skills. It offers judgmental use-of-force training and supplies a library of realistic scenarios taken from real-life events in a highly challenging HD training platform. The powerful audio system provides great effects that can be heard and felt increasing your adrenaline during training. Use-of-force Continuum Training includes support for officer or student presence, verbal commands, OC, TASER® ECD, pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  Equipped with low light capabilities, it provides training using special flashlights to mimic dim light or dark conditions.

Simulated Return Fire

SIMTAC Services utilizes life-like recoil of the firearm by using inexpensive and inert CO2 for exceptional safety so you don’t have to worry about muzzle-pressure danger as with blank rounds. Our system uses a quick and non-permanent drop in laser recoil kits that can be swapped with a few parts of the REAL firearm, converting it to a recoil training firearm while safely prohibiting a live round.  Our firearms include AR15/M4, Sig P226, Glock 21, Glock 22 and 870 Shotgun.  Less than lethal force include Taser and OC spray.

Scenarios Based on Real-life Incidents

The scenarios are professionally produced with real actors and special effects where needed. Scenarios are often based on real-life incidents, testing trainees’ critical thinking skills, firearms skills under pressure, and psychological preparation for close-quarter encounters.

Range Capabilities

Our range training includes over 75 courses of fire with multiple lanes. We can custom design a course of fire to your specifications. Develop your skills with over 60 different graphics  courses ranging from desert warfare, jungle terrain, plate shooting to even zombie apocalypse scenarios with several combinations to choose from.  All courses have the capability to be timed and scored.

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