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Real-Life Scenarios

Target dummies don’t cut it. In a real-life situation, the quick thinking and the right judgment makes all the difference in lethal and non-lethal situations. Don’t let your mind and skills go unprepared.

Total Immersion

From professional acting, realistic recoil, and more, our training reaches the realism your trainees need to immerse themselves in violent and non-violent scenarios found in the real world.

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No hassle, no travel, no booking, or scheduling. We come to you. Call us and we do the rest. Our training comes to you and can fit in a variety of spaces, large or small.

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Why Simtac Simulated Firearms Training?

SIMTAC Services is a company that provides an affordable state-of-the-art simulated firearms training system right to you. The simulator is capable of training police, corrections, school police, and resource officers, armed security and private organizations or individuals wishing to train on the latest technology available.

This makes it ideal for Pennsylvania’s Act 120, Act 235, and individuals wanting to train with the best simulator. SIMTAC Services delivers the latest technology along with scenario training of lethal and non-lethal use of force to help prepare and keep your judgmental/critical thinking skills sharp. We know that training should be as real and cost effective as possible. This simulator has a portable HD video screen and a surround-sound system providing a total emersion experience.

Increasingly, states are licensing citizens to carry concealed and non-concealed firearms. SIMTAC Services can help in this area as well. Simulated virtual training is even more necessary for those individuals wanting to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms. SIMTAC Services along with your organization can help train those individuals to make safe sound judgment decisions if deadly force should be necessary.

Our virtual range can be set up to mimic a range with distances of 3 to 300 yards and have several courses of fire. The weapons used are equipped with laser technology to provide accurate recreation of firing a firearm, including recoil and sound.

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